Purchasing a motorcycle

You have decided to buy a motorcycle! But which one ? Is it the one that sparked your interest in motorcycles?  Is it the one all of your friends are drooling over? Is it the one that won at the track last weekend? Should you buy a new motorcycle or a used one?  There is no shortage of information on motorcycles in print and on the internet, and everybody who owns a motorcycle has an opinion regarding the best machine.  The problem you have now is analyzing the wealth of information so you can make a sound decision.

What protective gear do I need?

What protective gear do I really need? 

 If you ride a motorcycle, you absolutely MUST have the proper protective gear. Riding without gear is like playing a form of Russian roulette—sooner or later you’ll pay.

I will admit the folks who will spend $25,000 dollars on a new bike and then look for the cheapest helmet they can buy dumbfound me.  One of the most common questions I get asked, “How does it feel when you crash?” I usually respond with something like this. Put on a pair of shorts, a T- shirt and baseball hat, have a friend drive you down the interstate and then jump out of the car at 60mph.”  This will give you a fairly good perspective.  As a racer, I promise you we never cut corners on the personal equipment. I always look for a quality product, one that fits properly, is lightweight and offers the most protection. It really is that simple.

Motorcycle Laws in Georgia

Well as you know I am not a law enforcement officer and I am certainly no lawyer but the following guidelines should be adequate to keep you from having any unplanned discussions with Johnny Law. I must also acknowledge my fellow riders and my friends of the Georgia Highway Patrol Motorcycle Patrolmen whom I have shared many memorable rides. You guys are great riders and I am thankful for the rides that we shared.

Scooters – cheap & FUN transportation!

Personal transportation, low purchase cost, ease of operation, maneuverability, and operational benefits such as parking and maintenance have served to make scooters highly desirable.  There are many scooter players in the marketplace today. Nearly all the major motorcycle manufacturers have a signature scooter. Honda, Suzuki, and Aprilia just to name a few.

What maintenance is required?

I am not very mechanically inclined. in fact the few times I have performed tasks on my bikes it has taken me 2 times longer than most folks. It was so bad that my mechanics would tell me to put the tools down before someone gets hurt. I conceded, you guys work on the bike and I will ride it.

Street Strategies

The number one attribute that every good motorcyclist must posses, is personal RESPONSIBILITY. A rider must acknowledge and understand that whatever happens when you ride it is ultimately your responsibility.

Good or bad, favorable or unfavorable you and solely you own the experience. Motorcycles do not run off the road, motorcyclists ride them off the road.

Motorcycle Insurance

Nothing can make some people break into a cold sweat more than purchasing insurance. This is true not only for a motorcycle, but car, life, home, you name it. If you have never used your insurance you despise writing the check for the premiums. If however you have received an insurance check you are usually grateful for having coverage. For many of us we don’t have a true understanding of what kind of coverage we should have, how much, and how does the insurance company determine my premiums.

Social Biker

Learn about joining with other riders for cafe racing and social interaction with like-minded folks.

Services Available

Need to get your bike painted ? How about a tune up ? Powder coating, or maybe some customizing ?

Let us help you find the perfect match for what you’re looking for..